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For 17 years, ENSELE has been at the forefront of alternative medicine & natural healing methods. We are fully committed to a higher level of care and delivering lasting results that help you live the life you deserve! It’s time to be empowered and re-discover yourself! Our clients see results in days and often reach their health goals in under 30 days!

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What Do We Offer?

ENSELE offers a wide array of healing and restoration services for mental, emotional, and physical pain.  We facilitate your healing, safely and effectively, in an all natural way. Our non-invasive technologies use light, sound, and frequencies to naturally and effectively heal and re balance you back to a healthy state, regardless of your condition.  We are fully committed to a higher level of care and delivering lasting results that help you live the life you deserve!

Who Are Our Clients?

Regardless of your age or health concerns, our state-of-the-art healing center designed to foster optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. Ailments and disease are caused by imbalances in our brain and body. We incorporate cutting-edge alternative technologies to restore balance in the brain and body. Our clients are empowered to awaken their highest potential of health for a greater sense of well-being & living.

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Our wonderful happy client!! •How different would your life be if you could enhance your mental endurance? Imagine being able to get ‘in the zone’ at will – invaluable in any and every area of your life. It’s time to start. #ensele call today a 20 minute consultation! . No better time than now. Right? ✨


Each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency. Finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency will kill or disable diseased cells. Ensele is still here to help you facilitate your own healing natural and without medications. Reach out, you got this. -Ensele


A positive message. Ensele is here for you, no matter what. Call us today for your free 20 minute consultation. -Ensele


Everything is made up of frequencies/vibrations. Some frequencies are beneficial to us and some are not. Our frequency healing works by replicating the frequency of our ailment. This is called a resonant frequency or resonance, which replicates the harmony and proportion of the naturally occuring frequency. This can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses their voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency, and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters. In the same way, each microorganism has a unique and specific frequency (or vibrational rate). When you add MORE OF THIS SAME frequency to the microorganism, it cannot tolerate it, and it bursts or dies. Our machine generates resonant waves which destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and more, without doing any harm to the users, while bringing your body back to a healthy state. Happy client @zruffz


So, what is holistic health care? It's about honoring the mind-body connection and treating the whole person, using a variety of clinically proven therapies. It's about developing a strong relationship with a doctor who is committed to getting you healthy and keeping you that way.Contact us to have your free 20 minute consultation with our very own holistic health care coach @kepilateya Stay tuned for a in depth podcast with our holistic health care provider! We will have these yummy recipes available for you very soon! Tag a loved on!


Good-morning world! May is #mentalhealthawarenessmonth we wanted to showcase this amazing product that helps promote healthy brain function. This product is truly one of our favorites. This amazing EHT discovery helps defend our brains against the effects of aging while optimizing brain health and memory improvement. We will have a Ensele podcast video for you all very soon explaining in depth the reasons why we love this product, and why each of you should consider having this be a part of your daily routine! Stay tuned!

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