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The people of my community have suffered not once but twice this week. First, with the terrible shooting at Borderline in Thousand Oaks, CA where 13 young lives were taken, plus 1 officer. Then the blazing fires pushing their way through various local communities, forcing many to evacuate and wait to hear if they had a home to return to.

The shooting shook our small, local community, with many in disbelief that this could happen here, paired with uncontrollable fires raging through various cities like Simi Valley, Westlake Village, Calabasas and Malibu. My own son named 6 of his friends who were now homeless. The shock, sadness and trauma has piled high for many this month. I ache as I hear the stories and watch the photo’s of suffering people. It is certainly hard to grasp as the reality sinks in. It doesn’t feel real to many and will take time to grasp the depths of damage and despair.

November reminds me of family and coming together around food and community, being grateful for all that we have. Our health being number one, and as a bonus, shelter, food, family and friends to share life with. This November many won’t have the November we are used to. Thanksgiving is around the corner, some with no home, and others looking at an empty chair at the table where a life was once present. The sadness deepens and these horrific tragedies happen and exist in every city, state, country. But how to we deal with them? Where do we start? What do we say to ourselves, our families and friends at work and in and around our communities? So many feelings to share, to hide, to deal and cope with.

On one hand, the fact that these instances happened so near home, I can actually do something without getting on an airplane. Because our space is located in Calabasas, just 12 miles from all these crazy, tragic losses. My healing center, called ENSELE “A Center For Natural Healing” has been here for 10 years and much of our community doesn’t know we exist. Primarily because we have been a referral only center. That was until this year we reformed our company to be a 501c3 – non-profit so we can help spread the word and reach people before the 11th hour. We formed a non-profit organization called TheFoundationForNaturalHealing.org as a way to give people the option for healing modalities that are all natural, non-invasive and without medications.

As if change wasn’t difficult enough, loss is beyond hard for many of us. Perhaps someone like me who has experienced loss in so many ways, has some supporting words for those out there finding their way. It is not easy. Give yourself time to grieve. Allow space and time so that those closest to you can process in their own way. Provide the support of hugs, talk, time and refection. Try to encourage the focus to be on the positives. Remembering it can always be worse. Learn the stages of loss and share that with those who are newer to the experience. Find ways to get help and support for yourself and your family, friends, colleges etc. Time doesn’t always heal. Sometimes we go into a state of survival and shut down or shut off, or worse a state of fight or flight. They all need to be dealt with. As parents it is hard to take care of our own needs when our children are all encompassing. But we need to give our own self care in order to support those we love. Otherwise it will show up in some way later, either through anger, isolation, depression, suicide, drug abuse, etc. Anything in the non-physical that is not dealt with will eventually show up as disease or illness. So while all this feeling too close to home, I find it a blessing. I didn’t lose a child or a home this time and I am so grateful to be able to lend my heart, a hand, an ear, lots of hugs and some amazing healing services to those in need in and around our community.

Our center happens to be located in the heart of all this mess. Our doors will be open to help those in need, for FREE. Please do your part if you can. Share this to those in need and to those who can help support our efforts. Sponsoring a person directly and really experiencing what is like to make a difference in someone’s life. Learn more at http://www.TheFoundationForNaturalHealing.com.​

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