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I have dedicated my life to understanding energy. Unknowingly, from childhood, I was manipulating energy to my advantage. Fascinated by the discovery that everything is simply made up of energy, I quickly understood how we could naturally heal all disease, manifest anything, shift and flow with energy. Through decades of training, I discovered how powerful these mind, body and spirit tools can be when used in your life. I share with you the healing modalities and best life-tools that have helped me and hundreds of others in navigating life, and healing the mind, body & spirit. Are you looking to improve your life, your health, or personal relationships? More and more people all around the world are switching from pill popping to natural healing. We provide mind and body technologies that are non-invasive, 100% safe and highly effective. How do you grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, when you don’t see and heal from the barriers that are holding you back? This change is what allows you to break through to a new you, a new life. Get you and your life back on track. Manifest the best life for you. I will stop at nothing to see you through to achieve your health goals and live your best life possible.” With Love, Gratitude & Many Blessings,

Selene Kepila

Selene Kepila is a nationally recognized natural-healing provider and health coach, specializing in Brain Optimization. For over a decade, Selene has served clients in Calabasas and across the U.S. Brain Optimization is an advanced technology that fosters natural healing, without medications, regardless of health issue (mental, emotional or physical). Selene offers this cutting edge technology to help clients heal from being stuck in a state of stress and trauma.

Brain Optimization has been scientifically proven through clinical trials and is used by the U.S. Army and Mayo Clinic. This technology has been around for over 30 years and has helped over 100 thousand clients worldwide. Brain Optimization is different from bio feedback or neuro feedback in that it creates an acoustic mirror of brain activity in real time. When the brain hears its reaction, it is prompted to adjust its activity to a more balanced state, resulting in healing on its own terms. The sessions are non-invasive, very relaxing, and most importantly, effective.

The brain controls literally every function including emotions, behavior, motivation and decisions. Medications are limited with “outside-in” healing rather than “inside-out” healing. With over 25 years in the health industry, clients have reported overcoming anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, PTSD, sleep disorders, addictions, migraines, anger, cognitive processing, as well as poor academic and athletic performance. Selene’s clientele include all ages regardless of health issue. Parents of teens and younger clients praise the way their children have overcome their health issue, freed from the need of continuous medications.

Selene says that the most rewarding aspect of her work is seeing life-changing and miraculous results for clients who suffered for years, trying a variety of medications and therapies with little to no lasting results. “It changed my life” has been the most common response to her work.



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