ENSELE is a holistic wellness center offering Brain Optimization, Neurofeedback, Quantum Healing, Light Therapy, Bio Resonance Scanning, Frequency Healing & Lymphatic Drainage. Quantum Health is bioenergetic, integrative healthcare for radical well being inside and out. The Potential for shifts in wellness, are facilitated at the quantum level. Quantum Health is the deepest state of personalized wellbeing. ENSELE is different. We provide our clients customized, integrative and comprehensive approach to prevention and wellness to achieve optimal health. We are focused on healing and invigorating your entire being; mind, body and spirit. Who? We use the most advanced, cutting edge technology combined with ENSELE’s patented methodology we can provide the tools necessary for wellness down to the cellular level.

We use the cutting-edge, clinically researched alternative medicine, integrative therapies and innovative technology to offer our clients the highest level of health benefits naturally and without medication.

Our providers are well educated, highly and experienced.  Each provider customizes your protocol and optimizes experiences with passion, care and expertise.

Our clients reports remarkable improvements & relief from a wide-range of health issues including symptoms of mental health issues, (depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune diseases, cancer, alzheimers, IBS/IBD/Gut issues, allergies, chronic fatigue, reproductive & fertility, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, as well as musculoskeletal & mobility issues.



Selene Kepila, founder of ENSELE, is a nationally recognized health expert, speaker, natural-healing provider and health coach, specializing in Brain Optimization. For over two decades, Selene has served clients in the USA and around the world!  

Her mission is to help increase awareness on natural, holistic healing so that surgeries and medications can be avoided.  Selene is passionate to help change lives by freeing them of disease and illness so they can live the life they deserve.  She travels the world to share & train other healers her patented methods Selene continues to seek out the most innovative, cutting-edge healing modalities available.

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I have dedicated my life to understanding energy. Unknowingly, from childhood, I was manipulating energy to my advantage. Fascinated by the discovery that everything is simply made up of energy, I quickly understood how we could never get sick, naturally heal all disease, manifest anything, and flow with energy. Through decades of training, I discovered how powerful these mind, body and spirit tools can be when used in your life. I share with you the best healing modalities and life-tools that have helped me and thousands of others in navigating life, and healing the mind, body & spirit.

Are you looking to improve your life, your health, or personal relationships? More and more people all around the world are switching from medications & surgery to natural healing. Our brain and bodies are designed to heal miraculously if in balance and the immune system is strong. I have vetted and patented our methodologies to help each client heal the whole person. All of which are non-invasive, 100% safe and highly effective. This change is what allows you to break through to a new you, a new life. Manifest the best life for you. I will stop at nothing to see my clients achieving their health goals, living their best life possible.

With Love, Gratitude & Many Blessings,
Selene Kepila


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