Cycle Year Five Summary

Cycle Year Five Summary5 Cycle: Growing; well developed root system supports rapid stem and leaf development.
This is the period when your seedling adds a leaf or two daily and literally amazes you with the speed of its growth. You too have built your foundation and rooted yourself firmly in good ground. Now all the hard work and attention to detail of the prior Cycle 4 will support your top growth so to speak. It is time for you to get active again and expand your opportunities through renewed contacts, travel, and socializing. You can even replant some of your opportunities with the clarity and understanding you have developed during your hard work period. Be proactive and put forth consistent, constructive action towards your objectives and ambitions. Just as the plant expands it size to set the optimum number of buds, you are creating a strong support system from which to enjoy an optimum harvest in Cycle 8.

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