Cycle Year Four Summary

Cycle Year Four Summary

Cycle Four: Rooting; visible growth slows as the root system develops a strong foundation
At this point, if you were watching your newly sprouted seedling, you would see a few leaves develop and then the plant would appear to ‘just sit there’. You can’t see much change from day to day. In actuality the plant is working hard beneath the surface growing a strong and extensive root system that will support rapid top growth in the days to come. For you, this is a time of focused intent work. The networks you developed, the opportunities you opened up all need your attention now.

Use this as a time to root yourself into the rich environments and conversations cultivated during the previous three seeding cycles. Attend to the practical needs of your life and continue to work on the opportunities you have before you. Do not worry if your progress seems slow and uneventful. You are developing a foundation from which to grow and expand when the Cycles become active again. This is not a time to make big decisions that will affect your future, or to sign any deals for major undertakings. Sit tight and attend to the details; organize your self! Rest and renew and prepare for a Cycle of rapid growth ahead!


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