Cycle 9 Year Summary

Cycle Year Nine SummaryComposting; plants dies to feed the soil as fallen fruit holds seed for the next cycle of growth.
After the plant produces seed and fruit for the harvest period it dies back or go dormant. Leaves fall to the ground and breakdown to become nutrients for next year’s growth.

A renewal time follows the harvest in the garden. All the faded plants and vines are composted, given time to break down and then returned to the soil.

This is a resting and renewing Cycle for you as well. Take this time to go inward and replenish yourself; pay attention to personal needs and to the needs of those close to you. Enjoy this quiet time and let your experience ripen into good soil for the new seeds you will soon be planting. This is the time to design your new garden and give thought to what you want to plant and harvest. Know that as you rest and enjoy yourself, you have the opportunity to rebuild yourself on every level for new opportunities during your next nine cycle period.

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