Cycle 7 Year Summary

Cycle Year Seven Summary
plant buds grow and develop until they open into full flower.
In this Cycle the inevitable occurs, you look at your plant and see color! Those well tended buds have opened to reveal the beauty of the flowers. You too will see your successful actions begin to flower! All this time you have been sowings the seeds of your ideas and nurturing their growth and development. Now its beginning to pay off and you see the promise of return from your actions and investments. Flowers are fragile, however, and must be well tended and protected from extreme conditions. Remember it’s the flower that becomes the fruit for the harvest. You won’t be reaping benefits quite yet but conditions will be favorable and things will begin to show real progress. You, like the flower, are somewhat delicate during this Cycle and you may find yourself feeling sensitive, unsettled and anxious. As the year progresses conditions will improve and strengthen for you. Keep yourself well hydrated and nourished and keep a close eye on your maturing opportunities. Appreciate how far you have come, enjoy your accomplishments as they begin to manifest around you. You will begin to see fruit towards the end of this Cycle!

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