Cycle Year Six Summary

Cycle Year Six Summary

6 Cycle: Budding; plant fills out and buds begin to form and develop
Your plant has developed its strong foundation and is budding for its future flowers. This is a Cycle of committed action on your part. Just as the plant has to commit all of its energy to the formation of the buds that will eventually become its fruit, you must commit your time, energy, and money towards the development of your ideas into opportunities.

You may pay out more than you bring in for a time; don’t worry as you’ll gain back.
Keep your focus on the ‘bigger picture’ to avoid worry.

Remember that all of nature operates within these Cycles and everything balances out in time. This is a Cycle of output that will reinforce your success at harvest time. Keep your mind clear and follow good health practices to keep your energy up and your thought process focused. Make important decisions, attend to business and get your duck lined up! Look for areas of incompletion in business and personal affairs; handle things and set your affairs in order.

Much is in motion towards the realization of your most desired future!

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