Cycle Year Two SummaryCycle Year 1: Sowing; seeds are planted into fertile ground and tended

When a garden is planted with good seed in fertile soil then watered and fed for optimum growth, an abundant harvest is set into motion. The thoughts you think, the actions you take now, set the foundation for your harvest in Cycle 8. Pay attention; research and develop your ideas as you network in fertile places. You are in a very active phase of the creative process. When a seed is planted it immediately begins to absorb moisture from the earth and warmth from the sun. As the seed makes use of the surrounding resources it swells, softens and opens. A tremendous amount of energy wells up in the seed and is released to accomplish this. You too are surrounded with ample resources to support your sprouting process.

Action is the theme of Cycle 1; this is a time for you to actively explore all the resources and possibilities Life is presenting. You will find ample opportunities popping up for your consideration. Explore as much as possible leaving no stone unturned! Remember you are sowing seeds at this stage for a future harvest. Stay true to your intention for success and let that guide you as you make important changes, introduce new ideas, and seek new contacts and business prospects. Work hard to further your interests in every possible way! Take good care of yourself and manage your energy for ultimate performance.

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