InLight 6 Port Pro & 3 Pad Expandable System Package


6 Port PRO – Different speeds of wavelengths are absorbed differently by every individual. Find the setting that is right for you with 6 output ports and 7 manual and 3 automatic programs.
Designed for at-home or professional use with multiple LED light therapy pads.
This system also includes a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all included components.
Polychromatic Light Therapy pads included with this system:
Facemask 104 – Designed for application to the face. Features 104 red and blue LEDs.
Local 132 – Mid-sized pad system featuring 132 red and infrared LEDs.
Body 264 -Large-sized pad system featuring 264 red and infrared LEDs.
InLight Medical carrying bag – Embroidered with the InLight Medical logo.

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