InLight 'T' 263b


Polychromatic Light Therapy is a unique therapy of blue and near-infrared (NIR) light. Blue LED light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the cells to trigger the photobiomodulation mechanism, including the release of nitric oxide.
Unlike blue, red or yellow light, NIR light is invisible to the human eye. It emits wavelengths of light energy (800 – 1100 nm) that increase circulation and decrease pain.
The InLight Medical polychromatic neoprene therapy pad is designed to be easily and comfortably applied to any surface area of the body. They can flex to many anatomical locations.
Large-sized light therapy pad system
263 blue and infrared LEDs
Designed for back and body application to increase circulation and reduce pain
Comfortably secured by a Velcro strap
Flexible neoprene ‘T’ shape
120 blue diodes • 480nm
143 infrared diodes • 880nm

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