Rental Agreement

Cost: Rental agreement is for a fixed rate for the stated duration of unlimited number of sessions. No more than two sessions in a day per user is recommended. Rental fees are due prior to delivery.  Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, credit card or check. If RENTER returns the device after the due date, ENSELE can, at its discretion, charge a rate of $100 per day rental for time overdue.

Failure to Return:  Failure to return the equipment within 7 days following the termination of this contract will result in the RENTER’s credit card being charged at an agreed amount of (full price retail value stated below) as an agreed amount of liquidated damages representing the value of the equipment.  

Limitations: The RENTER may not generate income as a result of renting or owning this equipment.

Care of Equipment: The equipment listed below is being rented out by ENSELE and remains the property of the ENSELE. The RENTER accepts personal responsibility for the care of the equipment at all times.  ENSELE will have a ZoomCall at the RENTERS request if needed, to troubleshoot the system, license for additional sessions and so forth. There will be a $50 charge for this service. No alterations, work or additions may be made to the device at any time except by authorized technical staff of ENSELE. Should technical problems arise as a result of additional software or hardware being installed, we will revert the system to is original state and the RENTER will be charged at our usual billing rate for this service. In the event of damage, theft or loss, the lender must be notified immediately. Compensation for lost, damaged or stolen equipment is the responsibility of the RENTER. 

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