​Energy Shifting - Become Neutral

Do you gag at the thought of broccoli? Are you allergic to cats? Are you at odds with your boss? Are you addicted to eating bread? Are you having jealous feelings about your partner?


The quickest way to shift energy from a strong LIKE or DISLIKE to neutrality. No matter the issue, mental, physical or subconscious Energy Shifting can benefit you. Being neutral is the strongest position a person can be in. Within a matter of minutes even seconds, energy can be shifted through a technique that has been used for centuries. Not only will our center shift your energy, but we will also teach you how to facilitate this practice with yourself! First, begin looking at energy in a nonjudgemental fashion. Do not say “that is bad” and “this is good”. Rather asking the question “does this strengthen or weaken me?”. Does this person, store, route to work, friend, environment, food, drink, interaction, etc, strengthen or weaken me?

Anything that gives you a charge (pisses you off, presses your hot buttons) weakens you and draws more of that into your energy field.

Example: A parent strongly afraid of his/her child getting hurt is only strengthening that energy and more likely to transform that vision into a reality. A man afraid to get into a car wreck is only increasing his chances of being in one because he is drawing that energy to him. Once again, through energy shifting to a neutral point will strengthen you and alleviate that what you do not want to be drawn into your reality. Everything is energy. Observe how you feel before and after things. If we are addicted to something, then it weakens us because of the reliant element. If we fear something, it weakens us. When you and your energy are neutral, then you are strengthened and hold the most power.

What we think about we bring about. This work can be conducted in person or over the phone. Energy knows no time or space.

​Energy Shifting
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