Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body ; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Not a system of religious beliefs, Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle bodies energies and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies.​

During a Reiki session, the client is fully clothed while comfortably reclining on a massage table or seated in a chair. Since Reiki session aids in stress reduction and it is almost always a very relaxing experience. Reiki sessions are a great investment in yourself.  If you have a specific area in need we can focus on that otherwise the practitioner will focus on the chakras as well as identify areas needing additional healing. 

Reiki Healing


Single $111
3-Pack $280 ($93 per session)
5-Pack $444 ($88 per session)
10-Pack $800 ($80 per session)
20-Pack $1444 ($72 per session)

add-ons $22 ea.
​- Aromatherapy – Crystals – Infrared Lights

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