Distance Healing

Distance Healing can be performed remotely. You might be most familiar with prayer as a form of distance healing. Energy knows no time or space so regardless of the person being in the physical presence or not, this is a very effective way to facilitate healing. Anyone can receive distance healing regardless of your age or condition.

Distance healing can be conducted via the phone, zoom call or even without either!

More specifically, this type of healing is called Meta-Therapy. This helps the body to better deal iwth the discovered problems, toxins and allergens and to eliminate these. In addition the higher causal factors of organic disturnbance – chronic stress and disturbed reactions of th central nervous system – will be neutralized due to the therapy. Both are important factors for the activation of the innume system and self healing, enaleing the healing of even very old organ diseases.

For optimal success, 1 session is recommended every other day. 10 sessions is advisable but not more than 5-6 organs per session. Each therapy lasts an average 20 minutes, but depends upon the nature of illness.

We have seen clients achieve great success in the follwing:

Chronic – degenertive illnesses of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, adjunct therapy to tumors

Weak Immune Systems – chronic infections

Accute & chronic pain and inflammation

Fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disorders, depression, migrains, phyhosomatic illness

Allergies, chemical sensitivey, electro sensitivity, eczema, enruodermatitis, environmental medicine

Hormonal disturbances, menopausal difficulties

Old age illnesses

Pediatric growth problems, behavior difficulties

Spinal symptoms, back pain, joint pain, tensions, arthritis

Injuries, bone fractures

Sports medicine, preparation for completion

TeleHealth / Telemedicine

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