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Recovery from STRESS / PTSD

​Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious type of anxiety caused by an extremely stressful event or series of events. Many people experience only limited benefit after trying various therapies and medication. Neurofeedback trains the brain to produce a calm state, as well as regulate the stress response. In addition, the specific areas of the brain affected by PTSD can be targeted. Frequently, the first sign of improvement is that a client sleeps better. Then other symptoms begin to improve.
Stress / PTSD
Stress / PTSD
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ENSELE offers a variety of healing services for mental, emotional, and physical pain. Our non-invasive technologies use light, sound, and energy frequencies to naturally heal and rebalance you back to a healthy state, regardless of your condition. We are fully committed to a higher level of care while delivering lasting results that help you live the life you deserve! At ENSELE, our approach is personalized, taking into account budget, lifestyle balance, and the timeline for healing to ensure optimal, timely results.

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