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The Foundation for Natural Healing

To help those in need, we run a charity called the Foundation for Natural Healing. We started this to stay aligned with our mission, to help as many people heal without invasive treatment or medications as possible. We would like to offer our services to all that need them and our charity allows us to do that.

How it works:
The Foundation for Natural Healing is our charity that lets us provide services to those that are unable to afford them on their own. We help people overcome their aliments that are preventing them from living full and complete lives. Last year we were able to offer services to our firefighters that suffered from smoke inhalation and trauma. As well as assist Bente with her recovery from drug addiction and her victimization through human trafficking. You can read her story along with others here.

Where the donations go:
You can pick to have your donation go directly to an individual on our website that you feel drawn to or you can make a donation without picking a person to sponsor. If you pick to sponsor a particular individual, we keep you in contact with them, so you can see their progress.

If you choose to donate and not pick a specific person, you can rest assured that we will use your donation to help as many people get services as possible. We do not use any of the funds to pay staff, maintain our office, or buy new products. 100 % of your donation goes directly to servicing those that cannot afford our services.

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